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What is Royal Mail Mailmark Franking?

Royal Mail Mailmark franking was introduced early in 2014 with the aim to enhance the way mail is processed and to make it easier for postal services. The main difference between a Mailmark franking machine and a Non Mailmark franking machine is that an all new readable 2D barcode replaces the traditional franking impression.

Royal Mail Mailmark Franking

Royal Mail Mailmark Franking

In order for businesses to use Royal Mail Mailmark Franking technology a Mailmark enabled franking machine is required. This is so that all the extra benefits of Mailmark can be enjoyed. A Mailmark franking machine can either be brought outright or an upgrade may be possible, so options should be discussed with your franking machine supplier.

Mailmark was deisnged for larger mail volumes, but all business can benefit from using it. A Mailmark enabled franking machine allows users to select the most suitable postal service whilst automatically calculating the correct postage price. If you need to reclaim on VAT applicable services, Mailmark and Smart franking machines can be used.

The latest Royal Mail Mailmark franking enhancement has been introduced to add extra value to using a postal service. Postal services are more accessible via Mailmark technology and business can further benefit from using LAN connectivity, allowing a telephone line to be dropped for good.

The most important benefit of using Royal Mail Mailmark technology however is the lower postal tariffs that will be used. As the Royal Mail will be able to handle post more efficiently, cost savings are passed on to the producers of mail. This allows more money to be saved every time you frank a mail item.

Mailmark Franking Prices

To see how much the Royal Mail Mailmark franking technology can save your business, take a look at the 2015 postage rates below.

1st Class2nd Class
SizeWeight up to and includingStamp PricesMailmark™ PricesStamp PricesMailmark™ Prices
Large Letter100g95p78p74p63p
Small Parcel1kg£3.30£3.00£2.80£2.50
Medium Parcel1kg£5.65£4.80£4.89£4.40

Visit our Mailmark franking website here if you are interested in investing in a Mailmark franking machine.

Or click here to view our wide range of Mailmark franking machines.

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