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Postage Franking Machine – Guide By Mailcoms

A postage franking machine is a piece of equipment that produces a franking impression, also called a ‘frank‘. This frank can be used as an alternative to a traditional stamp and comes with a range of impressive features and benefits. For example a postage franking machine can be topped up with postage 24/7 without ever having to leave the office, being very convenient.

Mailbase Postage Franking Machine

Postage Franking Machine

As stated above a postage franking machine comes with a range of features. Its feeding system can process mail at much faster speeds than any human and it can automatically weigh, calculate and use the correct postage every time. Eliminate the risk of miss paying for your mail.

Free advertising of your business can occur by using an integrated advertisement feature. Use this completely free to expand your business name. Even access jobs and more at the touch of a few buttons. A postage franking machine will also ensure that you are in control of all postage costs by using departmental accounts.

Most modern postage franking machines also come with the latest technologies to help improve the mailing process and to help give users more extras. Both smart meter and Mailmark technologies are the most recent and beneficial available.

Smart Meter is older technology and it will allow your postage franking machine to access even more services and frank in smart blue ink. Mailmark however is newer technology that will allow your business to save even more pennies when franking mail whilst producing a 2D barcode on mail items.

Our range of Postage Franking Machines

Mailcoms’ most recent range of postage franking machines come with all of the above features and technologies. Use the various links below to find out more about our models.

View our range of postage franking machines here.

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