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Postage Costs of franks and stamps

We are proud to bring you the postage costs of franking machines and the difference in stamps.

Postage Costs

A franking machine can have many benefits to a business, but the main one, and most important one, is the money that you save when using a franking

Although you have to pay for a frank when franking your mail, the postage costs are much cheaper and cost efficient compared to a stamp. For example, a
1st class letter costs 60p to stamp and 47p to frank, saving you 13p. Over time the amount of money you save will accumulate and save you a lot of money.

When franking different mail, the postage cost will differ, and this can be due to the weight or type of mail, whether it being 1st or 2nd class mail. Each different
frank will cost differently, but will end up saving you money

Below is a table showing you the postage costs of sending franked mail, and also how much money you can save when using a frank compared to using a stamp.

Franking PriceMoney Saved
UK Delivery
1st Class Letters47p13p
1st Class Small Parcel£2.6535p
2nd Class Letters33p17p
2nd Class Small Parcel£2.2535p
Spcial Delivery™ Next Day£5.9527p
Special Delivery™ 9am£16.35£1.32
International Delivery
Airmail 10g Letter79p9p
Airmail 100g within the EU£2.0929p
Airmail 100g outside the EU£3.2030p

As you can see the postage costs of franked mail is far cheaper and cost effective than stamped mail. You will save a lot of money over time by using a
franking machine as it will save you money on your postage costs over a annual year. So in the long term, using franked mail is far more advantageous than
buying individual stamps. If you wish to see our whole range of franking machines, please Click Here.

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