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Pitney Bowes DM475c Franking Machine Overview

The Pitney Bowes DM475c franking machine is a mid to low volume model suited for any business wishing to send out up to 700 items of mail per day. Based on our experience with a similar machine we would recommend that businesses should invest in a machine like the DM475c if they send out up to 700 items per day.

Pitney Bowes DM475c Franking Machine Features

Pitney Bowes DM475c Franking Machine Overview

The Pitney Bowes DM475c franking machine brings with it many franking machine features. These features are integrated or optional for the machine and range from the most up to date franking technologies to an integrated accounting feature. View some of the DM475c’s main franking machine features below.

Account Feature

One feature that is present with the Pitney Bowes DM475c franking machine is an accounting feature. This allows you to monitor and track all postage expenditure of this machine. Keep on top of your outgoing mail and always ensure that you are in full control with this feature. Use as many as 300 departmental accounts with the DM475c or reduce this amount to 25 or 100 accounts to suit your needs.

Smart Meter Technology

A second feature that comes as standard with this machine is the most recent smart meter technology. This means that you will be able to frank your mail in better smart blue franking ink. Improve your mail’s readability and use all of Royal Mail’s VAT services and products with smart meter and benefit immensely from franking your mail.

LAN Connectivity

Another feature that comes with this model machine is the capability of using a super fast LAN connection. This means that download speeds will increase and software updates will occur much faster. A traditional analogue line can also be used if preferred but this is not as beneficial as LAN.

Mailmark Technology

As well as the latest smart meter technology the Pitney Bowes DM475c franking machine also comes with Mailmark technology. This means that users will be able to benefit from franking mail even more. Use a LAN connection all the time, apply an improved franking impression and use even lower franking prices. These are just some of the amazing benefits that can be gained from using Mailmark technology.

Feeding System

A final feature that comes with the DM475c machine as standard is a fully automatic feeding system. This feeder allows franking speeds of 120 letters per minute to be reached. By franking this many items per minute it enables businesses to send up to 700 mail items per day with ease. You will also be able to frank onto any mail item that is 8mm thick or less. Mail items that are thicker can be franked by using compatible franking labels. This allows you to benefit from using all of Royal Mail’s franking prices.

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