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Pitney Bowes DI4100 Folder Inserter

The Pitney Bowes DI4100 folder inserter combines flexibility and productivity with the newest and best folding technologies. This folding inserting machine, along with the DI4080 machine, is some of their latest versions and can offer a huge range of features which make it ideal for many mail rooms and large volumes of mail.

Pitney Bowes DI4100 Folder Inserter

Pitney Bowes DI4100 Folder Inserter

Its flexibility means that it can handle almost any mailing job, including C4 envelopes, and a range of input options. No matter how the documents are inputted the DI4100 folder inserter can handle it. Its productivity means that any demanding tasks can be accomplished and a top folding speed of 10,000 envelopes per hour can be reached.

A 17 inch touch screen is integrated into the folding inserting machine to enable almost any member of staff to use the machine. Visual prompts and clear guides are available to aid this process. To make setting a job up even easier the DI4100 can store an unlimited amount of job memories which are accessible via its touch screen.

There are 2 sheet feeders and 2 insert feeders available with the DI4100 folding inserting machine and these can handle up to 4000 A4 sheets. Any insert feeder can be used as the main one. As well as this a wide range of control marks are supported, meaning that OMR, OCR, BCR and Datamatrix can all be taken advantage of.

Pitney Bowes DI4100 Folder Inserter Specifications

View the specifications for the DI4100 folding inserting machine below.

  • Folding Speed: 2,500 C4 envelopes per hour
  • Folding Speed: 10,000 envelopes per hour
  • Folding Types: Single fold, C fold, Z fold and double fold
  • Max Number of Feeders: 2 sheet feeders / 2 insert feeders
  • Insert Thickness: 8mm
  • Job Memories: Yes, unlimited
  • A4 Feeder Capacity: 1000 or 4000
  • Inserter Feeder Capacity: 1500 inserts
  • Envelope Feeder Capacity: 1000 envelopes
  • Load Capacity: 250
  • Colour Touch Screen: Yes, 17″
  • Optical Mark Reading (OMR): Optional
  • Length: 1700mm
  • Depth: 1820mm
  • Weight: 420 Kg

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