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PIN Security – Franking Machine Feature

PIN Security - Franking Machine Feature

A franking machine comes with many franking machine benefits and most businesses are aware of this. However many businesses are unaware of how useful PIN security is to your franking machine and business. This may lead you to think ‘Why use PIN security in my franking machine?’

Almost all modern franking machines come with PIN security as standard. This feature requires users to insert their regular password into the franking machine to gain access to and use the machine. With older franking machines anyone could access the franking machine and use it for other purposes instead of purposes that are in the interest of the business. This issue has now been eliminated via the use of PIN security.

Maximum Security

PIN code security brings with it maximum security of your franking machine. Most modern franking machines now come with this feature as standard so that the franking machine can only be accessed via authorised users. This will help improve the franking machines security as unauthorised personnel will not be able to use the machine. Anyone that does not know the PIN code will not be able to use the machine.

PIN security also allows you to set a limit on the maximum amount of items that can be franked with this machine. If a user goes over this amount then the franking system will automatically lock and will not process the frank. This helps ensure maximum security as businesses do not want staff miss using the franking machine to their own benefit.

What can PIN security do for you?

As with most franking machines, departmental accounts come as standard. By using PIN security you can choose who can access the machine and use it. Only people with the PIN code will be able to access the machine and use its many features and this can aid any business. Help ensure you are in full control of who uses your machine with PIN security.

All of Mailcoms franking machines come with PIN security as a standard feature. This allows you to keep your machine safe and secure. View our range of franking machines here and receive a low cost franking machine quote from us.

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