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Parcelforce Worldwide

Parcelforce Worldwide are a courier and logistics company located in the UK. They are part of the Royal Mail Group Ltd, and they are responsible for the UK parcels, International and Letter division of the Royal Mail.

Their headquarters is located in Milton Keynes in the UK and they employ over 4,000 employees. Parcelforce Worldwide compete worldwide against companies such as FedEx and UPS.

General Logistics Systems

Parcelforce Worldwide deliver parcels and large mail items around the world via its European delivery partner General Logistics Systems (GLS). GLS are also part of the Royal Mail Group Ltd, and they are a subsidiary of Royal Mail. They were founded in 1999 and are based in Amsterdam. Between Parcelforce Worldwide and GLS, millions of parcels are delivered every week, spanning over 34 different countries.

Parcelforce Worldwide History

The Parcel Post service of Royal Mail began in 1883 when this service was in operation by railway companies. In 1986 however, Royal Mail was split into three separate divisions, and in 1990 Royal Mail Parcels, as they were formally known as, was rebranded to Parcelforce.

In 2002, the universal parcels service was given to Royal Mail, leaving Parcelforce to solely concentrate on time guaranteed deliveries such as next day. In 2012, Royal Mail announced plans to invest £75 million into Parcelforce Worldwide. There plan is to open new centres across the UK in Cornwall and Lancashire.

Parcelforce Worldwide Postage Rates 2014

View the Parcelforce Worldwide UK Confirmed Postage Rates 2014 here.
View the Parcelforce Worldwide UK Standard Postage Rates 2014 here.

Take a look below at the Parcelforce Worldwide Postage Rates for 2014 below.

Parcelforce Worldwide
Weight up to & Includingexpress9express10express24expressAM
Inclusive compensation up to£200£200£200£100

Saturday delivery available for an extra £9.00.

€  Parcelforce Worldwide prices include VAT at 20% rate. Exceptions to
the guarantee apply please visit for full details.

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