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Neopost IS-6000c Franking Meter

The Neopost IS-6000c franking meter is the latest heavy duty franking meter supplied and manufactured by Neopost. It is designed to handle massive mail volumes reaching well over 1000 items per day, based on our experience with a similar franking meter. The IS-6000c can be used to give you access to the latest franking rates and it possesses loads of features and abilities.

About the Neopost IS-6000c Franking Meter

Neopost IS-6000c Franking Meter

The Neopost IS-6000c franking meter is designed to last a long time. Coming with high yield ink cartridges and many features this machine is perfect for handling high volumes of mail. It has been tested to ensure its long life span, making it a long term investment.

Fully automatic franking can occur with the IS-6000c franking machine and this enables up to 260 letters to be franked per minute. To ensure you benefit from all franking prices the IS-6000c can use franking labels, allowing large parcels to have the cheaper tariff applied.

An in-built accounting feature can help any business get on top of their postage expenditure. Up to 9999 accounts are available meaning all expenses can be monitored, tracked and controlled with the Neopost IS-6000c franking meter. Other features that can be used include a weighing scale, storing adverts and an integrated control panel.

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Neopost IS-6000c Specifications & Options

Take a gander at the various Neopost IS-6000c specifications and the various Neopost IS-6000c options below.

  • Speed: 260 or 140 letters per minute
  • Feeder: Automatic feeding system
  • Max. Envelope Thickness: 20mm
  • Weighing Platform: 3, 5, 10 or 30 Kg options
  • Advertisements: 10 available
  • Departmental Accounts: 500 or 9999 available
  • Job Memories: 15 available
  • Connection: Wi-Fi or LAN
  • PIN Security: Available
  • Smart Meter Technology: Available
  • Mailmark Technology: Available
  • Mail Class Automatically Printed: Available
  • Incoming Mail Date Stamp: Available
  • Adjustable Water Flow for Sealer: Available
  • Permanent Print Head: Available
  • Ultra High Capacity Ink Tank: Available
  • Postal Rate Change Downloads: Available
  • Low Ink E-mail Alerts: Available
  • View Postage Usage Online (£, pieces): Available
  • Advanced Reporting: Available
  • Dynamic Scale: Available
  • Differential Weighing: Available
  • Barcode Scanner: Available
  • USB Mass Storage: Available
  • External USB Report Printer: Available
  • Meter with Catch Tray: 1500mm (L) x 640mm (D) x 360mm (H)
  • Meter with Dynamic Scale & Catch Tray: 1980mm (L) x 640mm (D) x 360mm (H)
  • Power Conveyor Stacker: 1020mm (L) x 360mm (D) x 300mm (H)
  • Adjustable Control Panel Height: 840mm

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