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Neopost IS-480c Mailing System Review

The Neopost IS480c franking machine is a high volume franking machine that is designed for businesses that send up to 800 items per day. Based on our experience with a similar franking machine to the IS-480c mailing system, we recommend businesses to send at least 800 items of mail per day (on average).

Neopost IS-480c Mailing System

Neopost IS-480c Mailing System

The IS-480c mailing system comes with a range of franking machine features. The features included with the IS480c franking machine can help benefit any business or user. The latest franking machine technologies, automatic feeding and a weighing scale are just some of the features included.

Automatic Feeding System

An automatic feeding system is used when franking mail with the IS-480c mailing system and this can process as many as 150 letters per minute. This feeder is capable of franking onto any mail item up 16mm thick, with franking labels being available for thicker items.

Departmental Accounts

There are as many as 300 departmental accounts available with the IS-480c machine and this allows businesses to monitor and track postage expenditure better. Budget your expenses better and use PIN security to keep your accounts safe.

Integrated Weighing Scale

An integrated weighing scale comes as standard with the Neopost IS-480c franking machine and this means users can be sure to frank the correct postage price every time. Choose from a range of weighing scales up to 30 Kg. Eliminate the risk of having a Royal Mail surcharge.

Mailmark Compatibility

The Neopost IS-480c mailing system is Mailmark compliant and this means businesses can benefit from using the lowest franking prices. Mailmark will produce a 2D barcode onto your mail and offers a new way of franking. This latest technology can be highly beneficial to all businesses.

These are just some of the many franking machine features that come with the Neopost IS-480c mailing system. Other beneficial features include smart meter technology, storing job memories and franking a company logo onto your mail pieces.

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