Neopost IS-420c Mailing System Review

The Neopost IS420c franking machine is a low to mid volume franking machine that is suitable for businesses that send up to 300 items per day. Based on our experience with a similar franking machine to the IS-420c mailing system, we recommend businesses to send at least 300 items of mail per day (on average) to benefit from using this machine.

Neopost IS-420c Mailing System

Neopost IS-420c Mailing System

The Neopost IS-420c mailing system comes with many useful features. The many features included with the IS420c franking machine can benefit all. The latest franking machine technologies, semi-automatic feeding and using departmental accounts are just some of the features included.

Semi-Automatic Feeding System

A semi-automatic feeding system is used when franking with the Neopost IS-420c mailing system. This feature can make the franking machine frank as many as 65 letters per minute. This feeder is capable of franking onto any mail items up 12mm thick and franking labels are available for franking larger parcels. Benefit from all postage rates.

Departmental Accounts

Another feature included with the IS-420c are departmental accounts. There are as many as 100 departmental accounts available with the IS-420c franking machine and this allows businesses to monitor and track postage expenditure across the company. PIN security is available to limit the machines usage.

Mailmark Compatibility

The Neopost IS-420c mailing system is Mailmark compliant as standard. This means that more savings can be made when franking and mail will look more appealing on the eye. Unlike the IS-420 model, the IS-420c comes with Mailmark. Mailmark will produce a 2D barcode onto your mail and offer you many extras.

Integrated Weighing Scale

An integrated weighing scale is a standard feature in most franking machines, including the IS-420c. A 3 Kg scale comes as standard with an option to upgrade this to a 5, 10 or 30 Kg scale. Ensure accurate postage is always applied and never miss pay for a mail piece.

These are just some of the many franking machine features that come with the Neopost IS-420c mailing system. Other beneficial features include storing job memories, using smart meter franking technology, franking a company logo and using an Ethernet LAN connection.

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