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Neopost Hasler – Guide By Mailcoms

Neopost Hasler

Neopost Hasler are one of the many companies that Neopost own. Neopost acquired Ascom Hasler in 2002 and Neopost Hasler are now fully operated by Europe’s leading franking machine manufacturers Neopost. Now in 2014, Neopost sell their range of franking machines and mail room equipment via Neopost Hasler to the USA.


Hasler, formally referred to as Ascom Hasler, were a well known Swiss manufacturing company that were very popular in North America. Hasler manufactured and offered many mail room equipment to businesses around the world and some of their products included franking machines and folding inserting machines. Hasler owned many factories located around the world including USA, Canada, the UK, Germany, Japan and Australia.

Also recognised as the Ascom Hasler Group, they have been offering their services and products for nearly a whole century. This was however until 2002 when Neopost acquired and took over Hasler to become Neopost Hasler.

Where are Neopost Hasler located?

Neopost Hasler are owned by Neopost USA and they are headquartered in Milford, Connecticut in USA. From here they can offer their entire franking machine and mail room equipment range to the USA.

Neopost Hasler Now

After Neopost acquired Hasler in 2002, Neopost were expected to dominate the European market. Now, 12 years later, Neopost are Europe’s leading franking machine supplier, and the acquisition of Ascom Hasler has aided them to achieve this goal. In 2012, Neopost announced that all of Ascom Hasler products that they have sold will no longer be supported or maintained by Neopost. See our range of Neopost Franking Machine Supplies here and save money.

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