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Neopost DS-150 Folder Inserter Review

The modular design of the Neopost DS-150 folder inserter can be configured to suit your business needs. Choose exactly how many feeders to use, with up to 9 available when using the Performance Version. This folding inserting machine is designed to be easily upgraded if your business desires more feeders and features.

Neopost DS-150 Folder Inserter

Neopost DS-150 Folder Inserter

This machine will improve the productivity of your mail room as it comes with an incredible folding inserting speed of 4500 envelopes per hour. It is fast and comes with an automated job change feature. Simply select the job, load the required documents and run the machine. This can be set up within minutes.

An easy to use colour touch screen is a standard feature with the Neopost DS-150 folder inserter. It is PC controlled and comes with an intuitive display. Access a range of features from this screen such as job memories and choose exactly how you want your job to run. This is both quick and easy to complete.

A unique scanning feature can also be used with the Neopost DS-150 folder inserter. This can read a wide range of coding, including Optical Mark Recognition, 1D barcodes and 2D data matrix. This code can be printed anywhere on the document and this ensures content control and improved security of mail.

Neopost DS-150 Folder Inserter Features

Find out what folding inserting machine features are included with the Neopost DS-150 folder inserter below.

  • Speed (1 Sheet): 4,500 envelopes per hour
  • Speed (2 Sheet): 3,400 envelopes per hour
  • Fold Types: letter, zigzag, single, double parallel, no fold
  • Set Thickness: 6mm
  • Insert Thickness: 4mm
  • Number of Feeders: Up to 9
  • Number of Modules + Base: Up to 4
  • Document Feeder Capacity: 500 or 1000
  • Envelope Feeder Capacity: 400
  • Sealing Fluid Capacity: 1 Litre
  • Folding Capacity: Up to 8 Sheets
  • Job Memories: Yes, unlimited
  • Hand Feeding: Yes
  • Multiple Sheet Feeding: Yes
  • Cascade from Feeders: Yes
  • Colour Touch Screen: Yes
  • 2D Data Matrix: Optional
  • Barcode Recognition (BCR): Optional
  • Optical Mark Recognition (OMR): Optional

Neopost DS-150 Folder Inserter Dimensions

Find out the dimensions of the Neopost DS-150 folder inserter below.

  • Length of DS-150: 2,720mm
  • Depth of DS-150: 635mm
  • Weight of DS-150: 337 Kg

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