Mailmark Franking Guide – By Mailcoms

Mailmark Franking

Starting from 31st March 2014, the brand new Mailmark Franking service began. Released by the Royal Mail, this service aims to bring you more franking benefits and offer your business an alternative way to frank mail.

The new generation of franking is now available, and you can use Mailmark™ in a range of franking machines. It is designed with you in mind by making franking mail a cheaper and easier alternative, than the more traditional stamping way.

Mailmark™ 2D Barcode

Mailmark Franking Guide - By MailcomsWhen you use this fantastic service, your franking machine will print a new 2D barcode onto your mail items. This barcode will carry with it important mail information. This barcode will be franked in BLUE ink and it will improve the overall look of your mail items.

Mailmark Franking Benefits

When you use the Mailmark™ service, your business will receive even more franking benefits. These benefits include:

  • Lower Franking Prices – Receive even lower franking prices. See how much you can save by viewing the Postage Stamp & Franking Prices for 2014.
  • Improve Your Professional Image
  • Automatic Postage Price Change updates
  • Use a LAN connection instead of an analog connection
  • Reduced risk of customer dissatisfaction
  • Never over or under pay for a mail item again
  • Use the New Mail reporting Web App

Who can use Mailmark™?

Mailmark™ can be used by many businesses of all sizes in the UK. As long as you send mail regularly by stamps or franks, then your business can use this Mailmark™ service and receive all of the benefits that come with it.

Access Mailmark™

Here at Mailcoms, we have worked hard to help ensure that we can supply your business with a Mailmark Franking Machine that is compatible with this new service. This will help enable your business to gain all of the Mailmark™ benefits and the new 2D barcode when franking. Get a Mailmark Franking Machine Quote here or call us on 01543 572 776.

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