Mailcoms MailCentre Franking Machine – Guide By Mailcoms

Mailcoms Mailcentre

Mailcoms MailCentre Franking Machine

Mid to High Volume Franking Machine (Speed of up to 120 franks per minute)

The Mailcoms Mailcentre franking machine is one of our mid to high volume machines, and it is capable of reaching a franking speed of 120 items of mail a minute, as well as franking up to 700 items of mail a day. As well as coming with top franking speeds, this machine also uses the most recent Smart Meter and Mailmark franking technologies, allowing you to benefit from an entire range of franking machine benefits.

As well as this, the Mailcoms Mailcentre machine also comes with even more features that make this machine a perfect mid to high volume machine for any business. These features include up to 20 advertisements that will allow you to frank a company logo onto your mail, up to 300 departmental accounts that enable you to monitor and track franking expenditure and finally you can frank various mail items up to 16mm thick.

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Mailcoms Mailcentre Specifications

Speed: Up to 120 letters per minute
Daily Amount: Up to 700 items per day
Feeder: Fully Automatic
Label Dispenser: Fully Automatic
Scale: Use a 5KG, 7KG, 12KG or 30KG weighing scales
Max. Envelope Thickness: 16mm
Connection Method: LAN or Telephone Line Connection
Envelope size: DL, C5 & C4
Advertisements: Up to 20
Departmental Accounts: Up to 300
Automatic Date Change: Yes
Smart Meter Enabled: Yes
Mailmark Compliant: Yes
PIN Protection: Yes
Differential Weighing: Optional
Dimensions: Length: Length: 1220mm, Height: 254mm, Depth: 432mm
Dimensions: Weight: 40.2KG

Mailcoms Mailcentre Running Costs

Ink: £89.95 for around 11,000 prints
Franking Labels: £16.95 for 1000
Envelopes: £29.95 for 250