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LAN Connectivity – Franking Machine Feature

LAN Connectivity - Franking Machine FeatureMany UK businesses already know the benefits of using a franking machine to frank mail, but you may not know the added benefits from switching from a analogue franking machine to a digital franking machine. This may lead you to thinking ‘Why use LAN Connectivity over analogue connectivity?’

Many businesses have outgrown their current model and it is inevitable that they are missing out on massive savings in both time & money. Using obsolete technology may be limiting company growth and brand awareness. We are currently in a digital age where high speed connectivity is key and franking machines are no exception to this. Whether your company sends out as little as 20 items per day or as large as 500 items per day, there is a digital franking machine solution for you.

LAN Connectivity Speed

One of the main differences between analogue and digital franking machines is the way they connect to the internet. Analogue connects via a phone line where as digital connects to a LAN line. LAN Connectivity allows businesses to receive faster download speeds and reduces the risk of disconnecting from the internet.

By using a LAN connection you will always be connected to the internet allowing you to re-credit the franking machine or upload a message graphic within seconds. This is much more convenient and faster than a analogue franking machine.

LAN Connectivity Reliability

LAN Connectivity allows businesses to benefit from improved reliability in the franking machine. When you wish to update features on the machine such as postal rates, a digital franking machine is much better than a analogue model.

If you lose internet signal in a analogue franking machine the download stops and you must start again. However if you lose internet signal using LAN Connectivity your download continues.

What does LAN Connectivity mean for you?

Using LAN connectivity can help businesses become more productive allowing time to be distributed more effectively between staff members. Postal updates will occur automatically, you can track and monitor client accounts and record the time when mail arrives. These are just some benefits of using a LAN connection and they can aid any business.

If you haven’t made the switch from an analogue franking machine to a digital franking machine then get a franking machine quote here.

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