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IS-350c Postal Franking Machine

A growing business requires productivity tools that can help keep the office running smoothly with little interruption. The Neopost IS-350c postal franking machine can fit smoothly into any office environment. Coming with easy functions and whisper quiet operations, the IS-350c was designed to integrate into various environments.

IS-350c Postal Franking Machine

IS-350c Postal Franking Machine

State of the art franking technologies are a standard feature with the Neopost IS-350c postal franking machine. Both Smart meter and Mailmark can be accessed and used. Smart Meter gives users unlimited access to all VAT services and Mailmark gives users access to a new way of franking and much lower franking prices.

This professional system also makes it simple to weigh, frank and send all mail items accurately and on time. An integrated 3 Kg scale and the latest postal rates are always available to ensure this. Mail can be processed at a much faster speed of 40 letters per minute, and this is far quicker than any employee.

Businesses will be able to expand their name with a franking machine and the IS-350c possesses this beneficial feature. Up to 10 graphics can be stored on the machine and applied to a range of envelopes and mail items. Not only this but common jobs can be stored for simple access, making the entire process much faster than before.

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IS-350c Key Details

View the key details and features that the IS-350c postal franking machine possesses here.

  • Speed: 40 LPM
  • Feeding System: Pass Through
  • Weighing Platforms: Yes, 3 Kg Available
  • Connectivity: LAN
  • Maximum Envelope Thickness: Up to 9mm
  • Job Memories: Yes, 9 Available
  • Advertisements / Slogans: Yes, 10 Available
  • Departmental Accounts: Yes, 10 or 100 Available
  • PIN Security: Yes
  • Smart Meter Technology: Yes
  • Mailmark Technology: Yes
  • Length of Machine: 357mm
  • Depth of Machine: 375mm
  • Height of Machine: 260mm

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