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IS-280c Postal Franking Machine

A franking machine will portray a more professional business image and will save businesses time and money when processing mail. The IS-280c postal franking machine from Neopost is one machine that will give businesses these franking benefits. Clean and clear franking impressions will be produced, all at a lower price than any stamp.

IS-280c Postal Franking Machine

IS-280c Postal Franking Machine

The Neopost IS-280c postal franking machine is a entry level model that can handle smaller mail volumes of about 20 items per day, although this is not a limit. It possesses a few franking machine features, but more can be used in advanced and similar machines. Despite this, all franking machine benefits can still be gained.

Portray a more professional business image with the IS280 machine by franking a personalized advert onto outgoing mail. This can help expand your business name and potentially lead to increased profits. With smart meter also available your franking impressions will look even more crisp and professional.

All the Royal Mail franking prices are also integrated into the IS-280c postal franking machine as standard and this will give the user exact pricing every time. Its integrated weighing scale will ensure that you never again miss pay for mail. Further benefit by using the lowest franking prices that come with Mailmark.

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IS-280c Key Details

View the key details and features that the IS-280c postal franking machine possesses here.

  • Speed: 20 LPM
  • Feeding System: Manual
  • Weighing Platforms: Yes, 3 Kg Available
  • Connectivity: LAN & WiFi
  • Maximum Envelope Thickness: Up to 8mm
  • Job Memories: Yes, 9 Available
  • Advertisements / Slogans: Yes, 10 Available
  • Departmental Accounts: Yes, 10 Available
  • PIN Security: Yes
  • Smart Meter Technology: Yes
  • Mailmark Technology: Yes
  • Length of Machine: 316mm
  • Depth of Machine: 225mm
  • Height of Machine: 194mm
  • Weight of Machine: 2.9 Kg

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