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International Christmas Posting Dates 2015 Announced by Royal Mail

Royal Mail have recently announced their “International Last Recommended Posting Dates” for the International Christmas Posting Dates 2015 on their website. Although Christmas may seem a while a way, businesses wishing to send mail internationally will still need to plan and organize any outgoing Christmas mail over the next month.

International Christmas Posting Dates 2015

On the official Royal Mail website you will be able to find the International Christmas Posting Dates 2015 for all oversea countries when sending mail. Some oversea countries have Christmas Posting Dates as early as 4th December 2015. Royal Mail also suggest that customers give time to allow return and exchanges which is important during the Christmas Period.

If you are intending on sending mail internationally this year, whether it is to countries such as Canada or to a business around the corner, then time is vital for you to get your posted mail to its destination before Christmas. It can take days, or even weeks, for mail items to reach its destination internationally, and so time is of the essence for your Christmas post.

Business sending mail internationally this year will need to meet these recommended international posting dates. You don’t want to leave a customer, supplier or contact disappointed this Christmas. The International Christmas Posting Dates 2015 can be seen below.

Friday 4th DecemberAfrica & Middle East
Monday 7th DecemberAsia, Cyprus, Far East, Japan & Eastern Europe (except Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia)
Tuesday 8th DecemberCaribbean, Central & South America
Thursday 10th DecemberGreece, Australia & New Zealand
Monday 14th DecemberCzech Republic, Germany, Italy & Poland
Tuesday 15th DecemberCanada, Finland, Sweden & USA
Wednesday 16th DecemberAustria, Iceland, Ireland, Portugal & Spain
Thursday 17th DecemberFrance
Friday 18th DecemberBelgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Slovakia & Switzerland

For more information visit Get ready for Christmas 2015

To further save this Christmas when sending your mail internationally your business could use a franking machine. Sending mail to any of the above destinations is simple and quick. The Royal Mail will save you cost and hassle on arranging alternative deliveries. A franking machine will save your business time and money whilst being very convenient. View our range of franking machines here.

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