How Does a Franking Machine Work? – Guide By Mailcoms

How Does a Franking Machine Work?

Franking Machines have been manufactured and supplied to the UK for nearly 90 years and they enable businesses to frank mail and safe money on their post. However, not many people are fully aware how to use a franking machine, and one of the most common questions that we get asked here at Mailcoms is how does a franking machine work.

The reason for this is because many businesses are new to owning a franking machine and are unaware of how they function and work. If you are new to the franking world and you have no clue how to frank mail, do not worry as Mailcoms are here to help. If you need help with franking your mail, simply follow our easy to follow guide here. Use the franking machine image for any help.

How Does a Franking Machine Work? - Guide By Mailcoms

  • Step One – Place your mail item onto the weighing scale inbuilt into your franking machine. This is located on the top of the franking machine.
  • Step Two – Select the size and service you want using your machines one-touch buttons and help screen.
  • Step Three – Promote your business by adding a message onto your mail item. This is done by using the franking machines one-touch buttons and screen.
  • Step Four – Let the franking machine calculate the correct postage for you automatically.
  • Step Five – Put your letter or franking label into the printer slot so that your mail item can be franked with the postage, date, advertisement and company logo. The printer slot is located on the left or right side of the machine.
  • Step Six – Collect your mail from the franking machine and put it in your business posting box.


The procedure does vary depending on what franking machine you own, and what mail item you are sending. But this guide is a general overview for franking machines currently on the market, and this guide can be used for all franking machines. If you need any more help, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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