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How Does a Franking Machine Operate?

Do you know how a franking machine actually works? use this helpful blog to find out how simple franking a mail item is. Learn more about franking and finally answer the question we receive nearly everyday – how does a franking machine operate!

Franking machines have been around for nearly 90 years, helping businesses to process their mail quickly and efficiently everyday. If you are new to the franking machine industry and have no idea what one is, use our useful blog today to find out more. This informs you on how to use our entry level franking machine, the Mailstart Plus.

How Does a Franking Machine Operate?

How Does a Franking Machine Operate?

  1. Place your letter / parcel on the scales provided – This will calculate the exact weight and save on postage.
  2. Select the size and service you want – As its your mail you choose the message.
  3. Add the message you want to appear on the mail piece – Promote your business free of charge.
  4. The franking machine will automatically calculate the exact postage – You benefit from lower rates.
  5. Put an envelope or label into the printer slot to be franked with your postage, date, company logo and 2D barcode
  6. Pop your mail into a post box (using a meter envelope) or business posting box or your local post office

And it really is that simple!

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