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High Volume Franking Machines Proving Beneficial!

In any mailroom, businesses need the maximum amount of efficiency. In larger sized mailrooms, or mailrooms that simply send a lot of mail, efficiency is key. For this reason many businesses, and possibly yourselves included, are investing in a high volume and much larger franking machine. When you have hundreds or thousands of letters or parcels to send every day, a franking machine will be ideal for you. Without one, and possibly without the use of other mailroom equipment, you are costing your business money!

If you are still using stamps then this will have a serious impact both on business profit and employee labour. Time spent manually stamping your mail and the time spent at the post office are both time costing impacts upon a business, especially if you send mail everyday.

If you are using a standard franking machine then you are already making savings, but what if we told you that your business could make more savings? With the latest breed of Mailmark franking machines your business could save even more every time you send a mail item. Although the saving per item may only be a few pence extra, multiply this by a couple of hundred or thousand and you make huge savings!

Mailmark Is The Way Forward

Almost all modern franking machines now come with the latest smart meter and Mailmark franking technologies as standard and as a Royal Mail Authorised company we can offer you a unique range of incredible Smart and Mailmark franking machines. These machines can offer you the latest franking services, lower franking prices and the eligibility to reclaim VAT.

The traditional crown and die that was produced by a standard franking machine is being replaced by a new 2D barcode for Mailmark items (although this is not mandatory).

High Volume Franking Machines

Mailcoms Send Pro P2000 Franking Machine

With a high volume franking machine you will enjoy the added benefit of applying the correct postage, having a more professional business image presented on your mail pieces and make use of free advertising. These benefits, and much more, will make sending mail a breeze and prove very useful to you. Marketing benefits can be achieved by simply franking a company logo in any colour on outgoing items! The benefits of a high volume franking machine can be truly rewarding.

– Our Send Pro P2000 franking machine is our highest volume franking machine and this comes with many key features including:

– Frank up to 180 letters per minute

– Weigh-on-the-Way® (WOW®) feeding at 110 Letters per minute

– Dimensions-on-the-Way® (DOW®) Available

– Mailmark compliant

– Smart Meter compliant

– Integrated 7kg weighing platform (35kg optional)

– Frank mail in any colour for marketing

– 1200 dpi print quality

– Full Colour 15″ Touch Screen

– 1000 cost centres

Find out more about the Mailcoms Send Pro P2000 franking machine here.

Why not give Mailcoms a ring today and start reaping the franking machine benefits? Or visit our franking machine page here and see what machine takes your fancy?

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