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About Franking

Franking mail is an alternative way of sending mail through the post. When franking your mail, it uses something called a Frank, and these do exactly what stamps do, and they are recognised by the Royal Mail.

Franking is usually much cheaper to do than stamping mail, and so will save you money. however, if you wish to frank mail, you must have a franking machine, as this franks mail for you. This means it is much easier and convenient to use compared to stamps.

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Franking mail is very simple to do, and can be done by everyone. Whenever franking is done, it is in blue or red ink, and if you wish to view or purchase our ink, please Click Here.

The main benefit of using a franking machine is that it is much cheaper than using stamps. This means you and your business will save a lot of money in the long run. To see a franked piece of mail and what it looks like, please see the image below.

Franking Frank

There will be an alternative frank coming soon during summer in 2014.

The New Frank will be introduced alongside the launch of mailmark as it is introduced with mailmark.

To read More about the Mailmark Frank Click here.

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