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Franking Prices UK – Guide

Franking Prices

When sending mail around the UK, the price is a very important variable. If you use stamps to send your mail, you are wasting money as franking your mail is far cheaper. Franking prices are far lower than stamp prices in the UK, and this is one advantage of using a franking machine. When franking your mail, you will always save money no matter what size your mail is, so it is extremely beneficial for a business to have a franking machine.

One example of how a franking machine can save you money is that a 100g letter only costs 47p to frank, whereas it would cost 60p to stamp. This therefore saves your business money, and although it is only 13p for one letter, over time the amount you save will accumulate, saving your business a lot of money.

Franking Prices List 2013

Below is a list of franking prices in the UK.

First ClassSecond Class
FormatWeightFranking PricesWeightFranking Prices
Large Letter0-100g71p0-100g58p
Small Parcel0-1kg£2.650-1kg£2.25
Medium Parcel0-1kg£4.800-1kg£4.40

Click Here to compare the prices of franks and stamps.

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