Franking Machines and The Office of Fair Trading

More information about the OFT Undertakings of 2005..

The Office of Fair Trading have been working with the Royal Mail over the last few years to give customers more choice over who supplies your franking machine without expensive rental, service contracts and high running costs.

In 2005 manufacturers gave undertakings to the OFT which were to:

  1. open up access to the market for more franking machine suppliers with better price information for customers about the cost of franking machines and their maintenance.
  2. allow a greater choice of after sales services and maintenance suppliers by removing restrictions on third party supply of maintenance services and by making it easier to become an authorised third party maintainer and inspector.
  3. increase scope for third party supply of new and second-hand franking machines.
  4. remove some restrictions on independent supply of ink cartridges allowing a greater choice of ink cartridge suppliers.

Each manufacturer are to also publish on their websites:

  1. its current charges for maintenance and, to the extent not covered by any maintenance contract, for the supply of postal rate chips;
  2. the current price for its ink cartridges;
  3. the current price of its inspection and recrediting services; and
  4. the level of usage typically obtained from each model of ink cartridge according to an appropriate measure.

Some manufacturers have been slow to comply with these undertakings and some do not make it easy to find on their websites. Mailcoms are only to pleased to help in this area. Click here to see a full table of the most popular franking machines in the UK market and all the costs associated with them. Most also have links to enable you to find the information on the manufacturers website more easily.

At Mailcoms we have nothing to hide are proud to be one of the most transparent franking machine suppliers around.

The Office of fair trading recently wrote to us quoting:

” It is pleasing to hear to hear that you are working to offer more choice and lower prices. Of course we recognise that it is a niche market and we cannot therefore expect change to happen overnight. Also, especially given the markedly lower prices and running costs you offer, you can expect Neopost and Pitney Bowes to target your current and prospective customers quite aggressively in order to try to secure/retain their business – and maybe to reduce their own prices..”