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Franking Machine Discounts

Franking Machine Discounts all year round!

Mailcoms are proud to announce that we will start giving Franking Machine Discounts and Folding Inserting Machine Discounts all year round.

With our new monthly newsletter that we have set up we are going to offer all those subscribed access to great discounts

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Future of Franking Machine Discounts

From now on, every month we are going to offer our customers a fantastic offer on one of our Machines. We will help you save money on each machine that we plan to offer you. As you can see below, we have already started offering low prices, and we plan to do an offer similar to this one every month of 2014.

Here at Mailcoms, we are going to give you a machine for much cheaper than usual. You may want to hurry if you see an offer, as stocks may not last. To keep in touch with these offers, simply follow us on our social networking sites and stay up to date with us on our website.

The Mailbase Franking Machine is on Discount right now, saving you over £500!

Over the festive period we are offering our customers the Mailbase, and we are saving you over £500, that is 60% less its original price. This low volume franking machine, which is extremely popular with the UK, is on sale over Christmas. With thousands of them sold in the UK alone, you know this does the job and more.

The Mailbase has a 2KG weighing scale with an upgrade version of a 5Kg scale as well. As well as this, it also comes with a PIN code protection which enables you to view who is using the machine and how much they are using it. With 25 separate user accounts, and an upgrade to 100 users, this franking machine is the perfect christmas gift for your business this Christmas.

Franking Machine Discount 1

The very popular Mailbase also has speeds of up to 30 frank’s per minute and automatic date changes. This machine is very reliable, and it
will suit the needs of all businesses of all sizes. The Mailbase also has in-built “Smart Meter” Technology which gives you access to Royal Mail applied VAT services, which allows you
to gain back your VAT after mail has been franked. This machine is everything you want in a franking machine, so hurry and buy the Mailbase and save yourself 60%.

To read up more about this fantastic Christmas offer, please visit our franking machine page. This offer is only available until the start of 2014, so hurry whilst we still have stock.

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