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Franking Machine Cartridge – Range By Mailcoms

Franking Machine Cartridge

A franking machine cartridge is one of the many franking supplies that any business will need in order to frank their mail effectively. Your franking machine will not be able to frank mail if you do not have franking ink, and for this reason Mailcoms are here to offer you some of the lowest priced franking machine cartridges in the UK, saving you money.

Mailcoms can offer you many low priced Franking Machine Cartridges for a range of franking machines. We can offer you franking ink and supplies for many Pitney Bowes, Frama, Mailcoms, Neopost & FP Mailing franking machines. View our range below:

As we can supply you with such a large range of franking machine supplies, this enables us to supply your business with a franking machine cartridge for your machine. So whether you own a Pitney Bowes DM55 or a Neopost IS480, we can supply you with some franking machine supplies.

Original Franking Machine Cartridge

The first franking machine cartridge that we can supply your business with is a original ink cartridge. These are all manufactured by the original supplier, meaning they are Royal Mail approved and guaranteed to work in your franking machine. We can supply original ink cartridges in both red and blue ink, and we can even supply you with original colour ink cartridges if you own a Connect+ Franking Machine.

Refill & Recycling Franking Machine Cartridge

A second franking machine cartridge we can supply your business with is our very own refilling and recycling service. This unique service is a low cost alternative, which uses our own Royal Mail authorised Ink.

Franking Machine Cartridge - Refill & Recycling ServiceIn order to use this service, you must simply post us your empty franking ink cartridge and we will refill them with your choice of blue or red franking ink. Mailcoms will refill your empty cartridge and send it back to you the same day we receive it, allowing your business to keep the same, original ink cartridge, whilst receiving Royal Mail authorised ink. It is as simple as that.

Compatible Franking Machine Cartridge

The final franking machine cartridge that we can supply your business with is a compatible ink cartridge. These are manufactured directly from Mailcoms with our very own, Royal Mail authorised franking ink. We can supply you in both red and blue ink for a range of franking machines, suiting Mailmark, Smart and regular franking machines. Our compatible franking machine cartridges can be brought as a replacement cartridge, and they are guaranteed to work in your franking machine.

If you would like a franking machine, then Mailcoms can supply you with one. Get a Mailmark Franking Machine Quote or a Franking Machine Quote here.

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