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Francotyp Postalia Germany – Guide By Mailcoms

Francotyp Postalia Germany

Francotyp Postalia Germany, also known as FP Mailing, are one of four franking machine manufacturers in the world.


Francotyp Postalia Germany Group was founded in 1923 in Bielefeld, and they are still based in Germany today. Francotyp began in 1923, and Postalia began in 1938. What started out as two individual companies, is now a leading manufacturer. Both companies decided to merge to form Francotyp Postalia in 1983.

Where are they now

Over 30 years after the merge, and Francotyp Postalia are still going strong, delivering and offering their services to over 80 countries. Frankcotyp Postalia Germany head office is now based in Birkenwerder, Germany, with other offices set up in Berlin and Offenbach. As well as this Frankcotyp Postalia Germany are also set up in France, the UK, Canada, Austria and the USA. They have expanded across the world, and they now manufacture and provide franking machines and other mail-stream hardware and software to thousands of customers.


Frankcotyp Postalia Germany manufacture and sell franking machines, franking machine supplies and folding inserting machines. They aim to improve physical and electronic communication systems by manufacturing new franking machines which they sell to many businesses throughout the world.

Although Frankcotyp Postalia Germany offer good franking machines, if you would like a lower cost franking machine that produces the same output as FP Mailing machines, then Mailcoms is the place to go. As well as franking machines, Mailcoms can offer you franking machine supplies for Francotyp Postalia machines. These products are much cheaper than FP Mailing, and they do the exact same thing.  Mailcoms will save you money.

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