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Frama P700 Folding Machine – Guide By Mailcoms

The Frama P700 folding machine is designed for everyday use within your office. This machine allows you to fold all of your outgoing mail with ease, coming with a simple operation. This machine stands out from the crowd as it comes with five different fold types and three folding modes, allowing you to get the most out of this machine.

Frama P700 Folding Machine

Frama P700 Folding Machine

The Frama P700 folding machine is another piece of mail room equipment that can help improve productivity when folding your mail. This piece of machinery will always fold your mail the way you want, improving the overall look of your mail. Make your mail look professional all the time and help expand your brand image when using the Frama P700 machine.

When your start using this great machine, you will wonder how you lived without one. It will relieve end of the day stress as repetitive tasks, such as folding your mail, is made easier. Reduce the amount of manual labour involved when folding your mail and make your mail stand out from the crowd with the P700 model. As well as this, you will help reduce external mail costs as larger mail loads can be processed in your own office.

Mid to High Volume Folding Machine (5,200 sheets per hour)

The Frama P700 folding machine is a mid to high volume machine that can fold up to 5,200 items every hour. Very little human interaction will be required as this machine will always fold your mail easily and professionally. Choose from a wide range of folding types and fold your mail the way you want with this brilliant piece of machinery.

Frama P700 Specifications

View the specifications to the Frama P700 Folding Machine here.

  • Speed: 5,200 sheets per hour
  • Folding Types: Single Fold, Double Fold, Window Fold, C Fold, Z Fold
  • Paper Options: A5, A3, A4 plus pay-in slip, A4 / A4 including pay-in slip
  • Folding Modes: Stacking Mode, Batch Mode, Daily Post mode
  • Automatic Paper Out: Yes
  • Automatic Paper Weight Setting: Yes
  • Control panel: Yes
  • Dimensions: Storage Mode: Width: 440mm, Depth: 270mm, Height: 250mm
  • Dimensions: Work Mode: Width: 440mm, Depth: 390mm, Height: 450mm
  • Dimensions: Weight: 9.5 Kg

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