Frama Matrix F82 Franking Meter

The Frama Matrix F82 franking meter was designed to provide the busiest of mail rooms with a high performing and reliable franking solution. This makes the Matrix F82 perfect for handling larger mail volumes that smaller machines cannot. If your business sends up to 800 items or more per day then the Frama Matrix F82 may be perfect for you.

About the Frama Matrix F82 Franking Meter

Frama Matrix F82 Franking Meter

A top processing speed of 140 letters per minute can be achieved with the Frama Matrix F82 franking meter and this is completed via automatic feeding. A conveyor stack can come as standard with the matrix F82 and this will make franking that little bit easier and convenient.

Up to 36 OneTouch functions are integrated into the machines colour display screen and this ensures the most used mailing jobs are accessible quicker with the Matrix F82. A large touch screen makes setting up any mailing job easy. Only see the data you require and frank under no supervision.

A LAN connection is available with the Matrix F82 franking machine and this enables faster download speeds when topping up the franking machine. Mailmark gives the Frama Matrix F82 franking meter this ability as it allows the traditional analogue line to be dropped. Other useful features are also available with the latest franking technologies.

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Frama Matrix F82 Specifications & Options

Take a gander at the various Frama Matrix F82 specifications and the various Frama Matrix F82 options below.

  • Speed: 140 letters per minute
  • Feeder: Automatic feeding system
  • Max. Envelope Thickness: 10mm
  • Weighing Platform: 2, 5 or 30 Kg options
  • Advertisements: 20 available
  • Departmental Accounts: 150 or 250 available
  • One Touch Functions: 36 available
  • Job Memories: Available
  • Connection: Wi-Fi or LAN
  • PIN Security: Available
  • Smart Meter Technology: Available
  • Mailmark Technology: Available
  • Label Dispenser: Available
  • Conveyor Stacker: Available
  • Length: 1122mm
  • Depth: 626mm
  • Height: 222mm

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