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Frama Matrix F2 – Guide By Mailcoms

Frama Matrix F2

Frama Matrix F2

Low Volume (speed of up to 25 letters per minute)

The Frama Matrix F2 allows all mail to be processed quickly and more conveniently for all users. It is extremely easy to use as it has clear one touch buttons and a help guide. Both of these enable people to learn how to use a franking machine quickly and effectively. You will not have to read manuals to learn how to use the product, instead follow on-screen instructions and learn how to use the Frama Matrix F2 the easy way.

As well as these fantastic features, the Frama Matrix F2 also has Smart Meter Technology and a weighing scale. Both of these useful features are built into the machine and allow easy use. You will gain access to VAT applied services via Smart Meter Technology which gives you back your paid VAT. The franking machines weighing scale can calculate the overall postage cost of the mail automatically, making the Frama Matrix F2 even more useful and easy to use. The Frama Matrix F2 also has many services made available to it via a secure server. This allows businesses to download free postal rate changes and software updates fast and quickly.

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Speed: 25 Letters per minute
Feed Method: Hand fed and ejected to the left
Scale: There is a 2KG weighing scale with an upgrade to a 5KG or a 15KG scale
Max. envelope thickness: 10mm
Connection Method: LAN Connection or Telephone
Job memories: Yes
Label dispenser: No
Envelope size: DL, C5 & C4
Dimensions: Height: 230mm, Width: 345mm, Depth: 400mm

Running Costs

Ink: £79.95 for around 4,000 prints
Franking Labels: £16.95
Logo & Return Address: Free
Service Agreement: £199.00 per annum
Royal Mail Rate Updates: Free
Installation Charge: Free

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