FP Mailing Qi 3000 Mailing System Review

The FP Mailing Qi 3000 franking machine is a heavy duty franking machine and the most advanced model available from FP Mailing. It is designed for businesses that send massive amounts of mail every day. Based on our experience with a very similar franking machine to the Qi 3000 mailing system, we recommend businesses to send well over 1000 items of mail every day (on average) to truly benefit from using this machine.

FP Mailing Qi 3000 Mailing System

FP Mailing Qi 3000 Mailing System

The heavy duty FP Mailing Qi 3000 mailing system comes with a range of franking machine features. The latest franking machine technologies, an automatic feeding system and job presets are just some of the features included.

Automatic Feeding

A fully automatic feeding system is used when franking mail with the Qi 3000 mailing system and this can process as many as 260 letters per minute. An alternative speed of 140 letters per minute can also be franked when using its weighing speed. The Qi 3000’s feeder is capable of franking onto any mail item up 20mm thick with ease.

Easy to Use Display Screen

An integrated display screen comes as standard with the Qi 3000. This makes franking mail much easier for all and jobs can be set up quicker. Access a suite of helpful features and decide how each mail piece if franked with the Qi 3000. Easy to use buttons are also available for use with this machine.

Preset jobs

Up to 15 job presets are available for storage with the Qi 3000 franking machine. This means 15 common jobs can be stored and accessed really quickly for ease of use. Access these features and more from the machines display screen.

Mailmark Compatibility

The FP Mailing Qi 3000 mailing system is Mailmark compliant. This means businesses can benefit from using the lowest franking prices and using a new 2D barcode impression. Mailmark technology will benefit users of the Qi 3000 franking machine as more mail should be franked per day.

These are just some of the many franking machine features that come with the FP Mailing Qi 3000 mailing system. Other beneficial features include departmental accounts, an adjustable sealer, a barcode scanner and using smart meter technology.

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