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FP Mailing Postbase Qi6 Franking Machine Overview

The FP Mailing Postbase Qi6 Franking Machine is a mid volume machine supplied by FP Mailing. This model is suited for any business that sends out as many as 300 items per day. This is based on our experience with a similar franking machine. This is only a recommendation and more can be sent daily if required.

FP Mailing Postbase Qi6 Franking Machine Features

FP Mailing Postbase Qi6 Franking Machine Overview

This mid volume franking machine comes with many franking machine features that will aid the franking process and benefit your outgoing mail. The features available vary and range from its feeding system to the latest franking technologies. Some of the FP Mailing Postbase Qi6 franking machine features can be seen below.

Mailmark Technology

One feature that is present in the FP Mailing Postbase Qi6 franking machine is the latest Mailmark technology. Mailmark is a brand new service that helps businesses benefit more from franking. Even more benefits will be gained with Mailmark and these include constant mail tracking, using lower franking prices and franking a brand new 2D Mailmark barcode. These are just some benefits that can be gained from using Mailmark in the Postbase Qi6.

Feeding System

A automatic feeding system is available with the Postbase Qi6 machine and this helps this machine reach a top franking speed of 65 letters per minute. This speed allows businesses to send out their daily mail loads with ease. The Postbase Qi6’s feeding system can frank onto all mail items that are 10mm thick. Larger items can be franked via the use of franking labels.

Advertising Feature

One benefit of using the Postbase Qi6 is that you can gain access to 20 advertisements. You can create personalised messages and graphics on your outgoing mail and make your mail attractive to customers. This can aid your business as your mail can be used as a free marketing tool and help expand your business name.

Colour Touch Screen

The FP Mailing Postbase Qi6 franking machine comes with a 4.7 inch colour touch screen as standard. This enables users to navigate and frank mail with ease. Gain access to instant features from this touch screen and learn how to frank easily and quickly.

Weighing Scale

A final franking machine feature that comes with the FP Mailing Postbase Qi6 franking machine is an integrated weighing scale. Use a 5 Kg weighing scale to accurately price up your mail and eliminate the chance of over or under paying for your mail. Businesses can upgrade this scale to a 7 or 30 Kg scale if they wish.

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