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Find The Franking Machine For Your Business!

You may be under the assumption that a franking machine can only benefit the larger businesses. As such your smaller sized business may not want to invest in such machinery and technology. Well Mailcoms are here to inform you that this assumption is wrong! No matter how large or small your business may be, you can still benefit from using a low cost franking machine.

Mailbase Lite Franking Machine

How & Why You Ask?

Whatever size your business is you can make huge savings every day on the overall cost of your postage. The reason being that a franking machine, or more specifically a Mailmark franking machine, can save you money every time a mail item is sent out the door! We don’t like being the bringers of bad news but stamps are actually hampering, and not benefiting, your business. This may come as a shock to you but you can change this very quickly with a Mailcoms franking machine.

You may think paying for a franking machine, paying for supplies and paying for postage comes as a lot of up front costs and that any form of benefit from the franking machine is surely gone. How wrong you are! A franking machine is far more cost effective, time effective and convenient than using stamps. Franking machine users tend to make huge savings every day when franking.

An example of how much more beneficial a franking machine can be is if you wish to send out a batch of brochures. You have the choice to put them through a franking machine or stick stamps on each envelope. Which one do you think is quicker? Correct, the franking machine. It wins every time. Why? It will process mail faster, it will print a professional image and it will save you precious time.

Setting up your franking machine can take seconds and feeding items through a franking machine will occur quickly. Plus, a franking machine also accounts for everything that it franks. It will record expenditure and VAT usage which can be claimed back after payment! Employee lives will become easier and sending mail will be far more convenient. Why would you not love that.

Why Not Use Mailcoms?

At Mailcoms we have many years of experience in the franking machine industry and we have the perfect franking machine waiting to be claimed by yourself. Whether you are small, medium or large in company size, we have the franking machine for you.

We have entry level or low volume franking machines for any business that sends as little as 20 items or less per day. We have low to mid volume franking machines for businesses that send up to 200 items per day. We have mid volume franking machines for businesses that send up to 500 items per day. And we also have high volume or heavy duty franking machines for any business that sends up to or more than 1000 items per day!

Why not give Mailcoms a ring today and start reaping the franking machine benefits? Or visit our franking machine page here and see what machine takes your fancy?

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