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Cheap Franking Machine Rental – By Mailcoms

Cheap Franking Machine Rental

Cheap Franking Machine RentalWhen you are deciding whether or not to invest in a franking machine, customers have the option of either purchasing a franking machine or renting / leasing a franking machine. Which ever way you decide to pay for a franking machine there is no right or wrong way of doing it, but never the less this decision can be quite daunting.


One way of getting a franking machine is by simply purchasing one. This way is expensive at first, but once it is brought the franking machine belongs to you and no monthly rent fees will have to be paid. Get a Franking Machine Quote in minutes from us.


Renting is slightly different to leasing, and cheap franking machine rental simply involves you to pay a monthly fee to your supplier. This method of payment does not normally require credit clearance and you will not have to enter a formal “finance agreement”. You can rent a franking machine for various periods of time.


Leasing however is different as this involves you to enter a formal finance agreement with a equipment finance / leasing company or a finance company owned by the supplier / manufacturer of the machine, such as Pitney Bowes or Neopost. The cost of leasing can vary from different suppliers, and so you should compare franking machine quotes before entering an agreement. If you terminate a lease contract, a settlement payment or roll the agreement into another agreement will have to be made with your supplier.

Also, when taking a lease agreement, be aware of the extra “ADMIN FEE” as this can add up to £150 to your first rental payment. However, Mailcoms are one such company that do not charge this extra admin fee. Leasing a franking machine or purchasing a franking machine is a preferred method of payment as you have flexibility over upgrading the machine in the future.

Franking Machine Quote

Which ever method of payment you take for a franking machine there is no wrong or right way as it depends on the individual customer. If you only want a low volume machine over a period of time then a cheap franking machine rental may be right for you. If you wish to use a higher volume franking machine, more capital has to be paid, and so leasing or purchasing the machine will be more suitable.

If you would like a low cost franking machine today, get in touch on 01543 572776 or info@mailcoms.co.uk.

You can also receive low cost Franking Machine Quotes for a machine here.

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