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Austria Postage – Guide By Mailcoms

Austria Postage

Austria Postage - Guide by Mailcoms

Austria Postage is delivered by Austria’s postal office Austria Post, referred to as Österreichische Post in Austria. They were established in 1999 and are responsible for the postal service in Austria. Austria Post split off from Austria’s mail corporate division Post and Telekom Austria in 1999. Their headquarters is based in Vienna, Austria, and they deliver Austrian mail across the country.

The Austria Postage Service offers many services across the country, and these include: the delivery and transportation of letters, parcels and other mail items, they offer high quality postal, banking and telecommunication products and services and they provide a high quality service to all customers in Austria.

If you wish to send mail to Austria from the UK, you must use the Royal Mail in the UK, and depending on your mail weight, the cost of the post will vary. The Austria Postage service will then deliver your mail to its destination. If you are sending mail to Austria be sure to write Austria on the last line of the address, in capital letters and preferably in the correct language.

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