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Advertising – Franking Machine Feature

Advertising - Franking Machine Feature

A franking machine comes with many franking machine benefits including lower franking prices and simple operation. However some businesses are unaware of the added benefit of advertising on outgoing mail. By personalising mail businesses can benefit even more from franking mail.

Almost all modern franking machines on the market come with an advertising feature as standard. There are usually about 8 or more adverts available on most franking machines and this can help improve any business. Some older franking machines however do not come with this great feature and so are not benefiting as much from franking. This means that businesses should now be looking to upgrade their franking machine so they can benefit from this free advertising tool.


This advertising feature enables businesses to frank adverts on all outgoing mail to appeal to customers before they open the envelope. Frank attractive adverts on all mail for free and see your profits rise. This can help improve your professional image and expand your business name. The highly advanced franking machines allow full colour adverts to be franked but most franking machines use the latest smart blue franking ink instead.

Advertising could not be simpler when franking as you just have to upload your artwork to the franking machine and frank onto your mail. Different franking machines also come with different amounts of adverts. For example a entry level machine may only have one or two adverts whereas high volume machines come with several adverts. Either way this feature does the same job of expanding your business name.

Envelope text messages

Some franking machines come with a QWERTY keyboard which enables text messages to be franked on mail. This allows businesses to reach out to their customers with catchy and appealing messages. Using this feature could not be easier with a full QWERTY keyboard.

What does advertising mean for you?

By using this great advertising feature when franking mail businesses will be able to expand their business name for free. Personalise all outgoing mail and improve your business image and this can only aid UK businesses. Either frank adverts or text messages when franking to personalise your mail. Gain access to a wide choice of adverts in almost all franking machines and see your mail making money for your business.

If you haven’t got access to this free advertising feature in your franking machine then you may want to receive a franking machine quote here.

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