About the Qi1500 Postage Meter

The FP Mailing Qi1500 postage meter is one of their highest volume franking machines. FP Mailing can supply a range of franking machines and the Qi1500 is one of their latest machines on offer. The Qi1500 comes with many features and benefits. Find out more below.

FP Mailing Qi1500 Postage Meter

Qi1500 Postage Meter

A main feature of the Qi1500 postage meter is benefiting from the latest Mailmark and Smart Meter franking technologies. Both are available with this franking machine. Mailmark will provide you with lower franking prices and a new way of franking. Smart Meter will provide you with all VAT services and it allows smart blue ink to be used during the franking process.

The high capacity postage meter will process 150 letters per minute via its automatic feeding system, taking the stress away from stamping. An optional dynamic weighing scale is available and this will process mail at 95 letters per minute. Never miss pay for a mail item again and always ensure you get your mail out the door with the Qi1500.

There are many other features available with the Qi1500 postage meter. A colour display screen will guide anyone through the franking process, any mail item 16mm thick can be franked with ease and various job memories can be stored to make setting up a mailing job easier and quicker.

Qi1500 Specifications

Take a gander at the various Qi1500 specifications below.

  • Franking Speed: 150 per minute
  • Feeding System: Automatic
  • Maximum Envelope Thickness: 16mm
  • Weighing Scale
  • Advertisements: Yes, up to 8
  • Departmental Accounts:
  • Job Memories
  • Label Dispenser
  • Colour Display Screen
  • Smart Meter Technology
  • Mail Class Printing
  • Incoming Date Stamp
  • Length: 1219mm 1657mm (depending on options)
  • Depth: 442mm
  • Height: 324mm

Qi1500 Options

Take a gander at the various Qi1500 options below.

  • Alternative Franking Speed: 95 per minute
  • Connection: Wi-Fi or LAN
  • PIN Security
  • Mailmark Technology
  • Dynamic Scale
  • Barcode Scanner
  • USB Storage

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