About the Pitney Bowes DM300M Postage Meter

The Pitney Bowes DM300M postage meter is a Pitney Bowes low to mid volume postage meter. The Pitney Bowes DM300M model is ideal for franking up to 300 items per day and is more advanced than the DM110i, DM160i and DM220i meters. The DM300M postage meter comes with some good features, but like all postage meters, it will prove beneficial to any user.

About the Pitney Bowes DM300M Postage Meter

Pitney Bowes DM300M Postage Meter

When franking with the Pitney Bowes DM300M postage meter users can automatically feed, frank, seal and stack mail with quicker ease. Up to 65 envelopes can be franked per minute onto any items up to 9.5mm thick. Fortunately a label dispenser is at hand to help frank on any mail item that is thicker.

All controls for the DM300M postage meter are integrated on to one clear control panel, with clear guides and instructions available for any new users. Everyone within the company will be able to use the meter. Save money on every item franked and get all mail out the door on time.

The latest franking machine technologies are also incorporated into the Pitney Bowes DM300M postage meter as standard. This means further benefits can be gained when franking, including accessing lower postage tariffs and accessing all VAT applicable services and products.

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DM300M Further Details

View further franking machine details about the DM300M postage meter below.

  • Franking Speed: 65 LPM
  • Feeder: Semi-automatic feeding
  • Maximum Envelope Thickness: 9.5mm
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi or LAN
  • Weighing Platform: 5, 7, 12 or 35 Kg option
  • Advertisements: 20
  • Departmental Accounts: 100
  • Job Memories: 10
  • PIN Security
  • Smart Meter Technology
  • Mailmark Technology
  • Differential Weighing
  • Auto-Dating
  • Seal Only / No Seal Modes
  • Water Level Indicator
  • Low Postage Funds Warning
  • High Value Protection
  • Original Value Protection
  • Low Ink Warning
  • Date & Time Stamping
  • Length: 370mm
  • Depth: 435mm
  • Height: 315mm

The Pitney Bowes DM300M postage meter is just one low to mid volume franking machine currently available. Here at Mailcoms we can supply you with our own unique range of postage meters. View our range of franking machines here and receive a low cost quote for a postage meter similar to the DM300M.