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About the Neopost IN600 Postage Meter

The Neopost IN600 postage meter is currently Neopost’s mid volume postage meter. The IN600 is perfect for any company that sends mail volumes between 300 and 600 items per day. As such the IN600 postage meter comes with some more advanced features, but like all postage meters, the meter will benefit the business that uses it.

About the Neopost IN600 Postage Meter

Neopost IN600 Postage Meter

Smart meter technology allows businesses to reclaim VAT paid for on any Royal Mail product. This technology, along with the more recent Mailmark technology, is integrated into the Neopost IN600 postage meter as standard. Both of these will prove very beneficial to use for any business as further benefits and features are accessible.

A lot of mail can be processed with this mid volume postage meter and as such more mail can be sent per day. When in full operation the Neopost IN600 postage meter can frank up to 110 letters per minute. Depending on the settings selected this speed can be slower. This is all completed via a semi-automatic feeder.

A more professional image can be produced from franking mail with the IN600. Frank a company logo or advert onto your mail pieces and see your mail look more professional and slick. As well as this users can ensure they never miss pay for a mail item by using an integrated weighing scale and benefit from storing job memories.

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IN600 Further Details

View further franking machine details about the IN600 postage meter below.

  • Franking Speed: 70 or 110 LPM
  • Feeder: Semi-Automatic feeding
  • Maximum Envelope Thickness: 12mm
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi or LAN
  • Weighing Platform: 3, 5, 10 or 30 Kg option
  • Advertisements: 10
  • Departmental Accounts: 35 or 300
  • Job Memories: 9
  • PIN Security
  • Smart Meter Technology
  • Mailmark Technology
  • Incoming Mail Data Stamp
  • Differential Weighing
  • Barcode Scanner
  • External USB Printer
  • Length: 838mm
  • Depth: 305mm
  • Height: 381mm

The Neopost IN600 postage meter is just one mid volume franking machine currently available. Here at Mailcoms we can supply you with our own unique range of postage meters. View our range of franking machines here and receive a low cost quote for a postage meter similar to the IN600.

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