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4 Common Franking Machine Mistakes

Using a modern day franking machine is fairly straightforward, but as with anything, mistakes can possibly occur. Below are 4 common franking machine mistakes that people often make – and how to avoid them!

Wrong Date

Franking the wrong date on your mail is a very common mistake.

How To Fix?

To fix this mistake, simply put a line through the date in black ink only. Next change the date on the franking machine and set the postage to zero. Proceed to re-frank the reverse side of the envelope or frank a franking label BUT do not cover the original postage paid stamp, only the wrong date.

Missing The Last Post

In a busy mail room it is easy to forget the time and accidentally miss the last post.

How To Fix?

To fix this mistake, simply follow your usual procedure and re-frank the mail with the following days postdate. If you are in an immediate rush to get the mail out, you can use a late meter posting envelope to send as many as 30 letters. These can then be placed in a post box that has a slightly later collection time.

Too Little Postage

Not paying the correct amount of postage happens more often than you may think. On the odd occasion you can under frank a mail item.

How To Fix?

To fix this mistake, simply add another franking impression with the price difference in the bottom left hand corner of your mail item. Or you can frank a franking label with the extra amount and place this on the envelope to the left of the original franking mark to make it clear the extra amount has been paid.

Too Much Postage

On the flip side of paying too little, you can pay too much.

How To Fix?

To fix this mistake, first of all DO NOT post it unless you don’t require any reimbursement. Instead simply start again with a new envelope or label. Send the unused envelope or label to the Royal Mail. PLEASE NOTE: you cannot reclaim until you have made £10.00 or more worth of franking mistakes. You have 6 months to send this back to Royal Mail.

A Mailmark franking machine can help massively when sending your mail. If you are interested in getting a franking machine or upgrading to a Mailmark franking machine with even lower prices available, then please view our franking machine page here or call us today on 01543 572 776.

We are a Royal Mail Authorised Independent Inspector & Maintainer of Franking Machines with over 20,000 customers nationwide and we can supply you with our very own range of models.

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