SendPro Shipping Solution

A brand new online shipping application that is the perfect assistant to your franking machine.

SendPro Desktop Application

There is now a simpler and much smarter way to manage and process your shipping. Welcome to SendPro.

SendPro is a brand new, online shipping solution that can be used from the comfort of your own desk. Simply access SendPro from a desktop application and begin the process of simplifying the way your office sends and tracks all national and international parcels sent with Royal Mail and Parcelforce carriers. Integrated with cloud-based software, a digital weighing scale and a label printer, your business will improve how you send and track your parcels. This all in-one-application makes it easier to weigh, compare service options, print labels and managing your expenses. Benefit from the huge savings that are available to you and reap the many benefits of SendPro today!

How Does SendPro work?

Save up to 75% on Parcelforce rates and take advantage of the Royal Mail Delivery Confirmation Service. With Mailmark pricing also available to you when franking, further savings of up to 12% versus stamps can be made.*

SendPro For Laptop

Additional Features

  • Send and track all parcels sent via Royal Mail and Parcelforce.
  • Weigh, compare service options & prices, print labels, track parcels and manage all your expenses within one application.
  • Save up to 75% when sending with Parcelforce.*
  • Benefit from using the latest Royal Mail Delivery Confirmation Service on all your standard parcels, at no extra cost.
  • Benefit from the lastest Royal Mail prices with further postage savings of up to 12% available vs stamps.
  • No more manual entry of forms, dockets or manifests.
  • Import a list of your addresses with the online address book tool when sending parcels.
  • Accurately weigh all parcels and avoid unwelcome surchare payments when using the integrated scale.
  • Simplify label printing with the thermal label printer.
  • Customize emails to alert your customers.
  • Reduce time spent finding out status updates. Use the tracking and automated system.
  • Eliminate the need for minimum volumes and dedicated carrier accounts.
  • Pay for all of your parcels with your own dedicated Purchase Power account, enabling one simple, consolidated payment for all your mail.

* Postage, supplies and carrier charges apply. In order to be able to use SendPro you must have a valid Royal Mail franking machine licence. Savings versus Royal Mail Stamps. Savings do not include equipment running costs or consumables. No minimum volumes needed. NOTE: Royal Mail savings = standard mail & parcels less than five kilo; Parcelforce savings = more than five kilo; Parcelforce will sell these same services directly; 75% discounts are not exclusive to PB.

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