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Reliable eco-friendly Mailing Sacks

An eco-friendly alternative to standard polythene mailing sacks is our white eco-friendly mailing sacks. These bags are manufactured from sugar cane, a fully recyclable 50 micron material, which makes them an improved environmental solution to other options on the market. Using these mailing bags will help improve your green credentials and reduce your carbon footprint. Eco-friendly mailing bags are not only highly sustainable but they are also extremely high quality meaning there is no change to the performance of the mailing bag.

All of our eco-friendly postal mailing sacks are made from high quality materials, are recyclable and they adhere to Royal Mail’s PiP guidelines for more accurate postage cost calculations.

Eco-friendly mailing sacks are renown for being the most sustainable alternative to using standard polythene mailers. They are manufactured from 75% renewable resources and 100% recyclable resources. The bags consists of all the same properties as our oil derived standard polythene mailing sacks but with added green credentials. This means the bags will maintain their high quality whilst also reducing your carbon footprint.

Sugar cane is a bio-based material that belongs to the grass family and is a naturally grown raw material. Sugar canes capture CO2 from the atmosphere and their properties enable it to produce ethanol via a fermentation process. This means fossil fuel-based polythene is not required, which will prevent emissions from going into the environment being more environmentally friendly.

Using sugar cane made mailing bags rather than oil, polythene mailing bags has many benefits. As it grows, sugar cane absorbs CO2 gas from the air meaning sugar cane takes CO2 out of the atmosphere rather than emitting it. Also, sugar cane is 100% recyclable meaning it can be put back into the recycling process over and over. Eco-friendly mailing sacks discourages the use of fossil fuel-based mailing bags and sugar cane is grown on reclaimed land, therefore having no impact on the rainforest.

Simple! Recycle these eco-friendly mailing bags as you would any other recyclable product. They can be put back into the recycling process and re-used over and over.

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