Franking Machine Ink, Labels & Mailroom Supplies.

As the only company in the UK to have its own brand of franking ink approved by the Royal Mail. Mailcoms are proud to offer our comprehensive range of low cost original & compatible franking machine cartridges and a wide range of franking supplies.

Not only is Mailcoms Ltd a Royal Mail Authorised Independent Inspector & Maintainer of Franking Machines but we're also one of only 2 companies in the UK to have our own franking machine ink approved by the Royal Mail. The Royal Mail have performed extensive tests on our ink including many thousands of impressions from most of the Franking Machines available in the market today in addition to models dating back up to 10 years.

All impressions were tested to meet readability and compatibility criteria for recognition by the Royal Mail's high speed IMP / ILSM sorting machines. Before testing, all Approved cartridges gained CE approval and accreditation as part of the very stringent Royal Mail approval process. Mailcoms are one of only two independent companies to gain this coveted approval in the UK!

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