Welcome to Mailcoms – The UK’s Favourite Franking Machine Supplier

Royal Mail Authorised independent Inspector and Maintainer of franking machines

Mailcoms have changed the way franking machines are either bought outright or rented in the UK. By using modern methods to get our message across we were the first company in the UK to not operate with ‘Commission Paid  & Target Driven’ sales people. Feedback from our customers demonstrated to us this was the best way to offer our products and services. This unique approach also  helps us to keep very competitive when compared to other suppliers.

Also, Mailcoms do not pay ‘Comparison Sites’ for enquiries who claim to be experts but are simply selling your enquiry to a number of companies. Mailcoms truly are the experts and for many years have helped to reduce the cost of buying or renting a franking machine by not charging for many of the extra’s that others do.

We’re also proud to be authorised by the Royal Mail to maintain and inspect franking machines and to be one of only two companies in the world to have their own brand of blue and red franking ink approved.