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What are the Smart Meter Benefits of Franking? – By Mailcoms

Smart Meter technology can be used in almost all modern franking machines and there are many smart meter enabled franking machines currently on the market. However many businesses are not aware of the smart meter benefits that can be gained when using a Smart Meter enabled franking machine. By franking with smart meter technology businesses can benefit from a wide range of smart meter benefits previously not gained without this great franking technology.

What are the Smart Meter Benefits of Franking?

Smart Meter Benefits

Although this technology has been available for a few years it is still a very beneficial franking machine feature to use. If you do not use a smart meter franking machine then you may want to consider getting one due to the extra smart meter benefits that can be gained. View some of the many smart meter benefits below.

  • Frank in SMART BLUE – smart franking machines require for businesses to frank in smart blue ink. This will help improve the franking impression produced as the readability of your mail is clearer. This can help speed up delivery speeds, eliminating unnecessary delays.
  • Access to many VAT services – smart meter technology gives you instant and exclusive access to all of the Royal Mail’s VAT services & products.
  • Always apply correct postage – by using smart meter you can always ensure that the correct postage is franked onto outgoing mail. This will reduce the possibility of miss paying for a mail item.
  • Reclaim VAT – any VAT service that is used will be recorded via ‘data capture’. This allows businesses to reclaim any paid VAT from HMRC.
  • Be part of the colour change – Royal Mail are implementing a colour change from red to smart blue. It is vital to use smart meter technology and so by using a smart franking machine your business can easily implement this colour change.

What are the Smart Meter Benefits of Franking?These are some of the many Smart Meter benefits that can be gained when franking with a smart franking machine. If you would like to know more about this franking technology then visit our smart franking machines website here.

If your business would like to gain access to the various smart meter benefits then view our franking machines here and receive quick and free franking machine quotes for a smart franking machine.

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