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Ways to Ensure You are Paying the Correct Postage – By Mailcoms

Ways to Ensure You are Paying the Correct Postage

Your business may have faced many unpleasant experiences with customers when you have underpaid for a mail item, resulting in a surcharge. When you do this, there can be backlashes such as unhappy customers and a loss in money for your business.

As your business will know, sending mail can be complicated and time consuming, especially if you are a smaller business. It is always vital that every mail item that you send out has the exact amount of postage applied on them. To ensure that you are paying the correct postage, view our useful tips below.

Know Your 2014 Prices

You should always ensure that you have the most recent postage rates for the year. To ensure correct postage is applied, you can have a list of your most common jobs, e.g. invoices or parcels, and have the correct price next to them, never forgetting the postage price.

You can also print off our very own and easy to follow 2014 Wall Poster here for the most recent prices. If your business uses a specific courier service, then always ensure you are up to date with any new prices or regulations.

Use Weighing Scales

Always use a weighing scale when sending out mail items larger than small letters. For most carriers, the cost of sending an item varies depending on the size or weight of an item. For this reason, we suggest that you invest money in some weighing scales as they will help you never forget the postage rates for the year.

You can use a Franking Machine scale at the touch of a button or buy a good set of scales separately, the choice is yours. Just make sure that you cross check the price with the postage rates for 100% accuracy.

Evaluate your packaging

You may be unaware, but when you use too much packaging, you may be adding cost to your mail. Remember the weight and seize of an item effect the price paid, and this includes your packaging weight. It may be worth while to start using polythene envelopes over cardboard as it weighs less and is cheaper to use. This does however depend on the mail item you are sending.

Ensure your package sizes meet shipping standards

Once your have calculated the postage cost and weighed your item, you need to ensure that the shipping requirements fit your item of mail for your carrier service. To ensure that your mail fits the shipping requirements of your carrier, you can buy a sizing guide template to keep in your office so you never forget the shipping standards.

Ensure your franking machine is up to date

If you use a franking machine then the one thing you need to know is that the franking machine always needs to be updated every time Royal Mail change the prices. Your franking machine supplier will keep you informed of any price changes, but your business should always ensure that the franking machine you use is up to date.

If you would like to buy a franking machine and receive all of the lower franking prices and more, then receive a Mailmark Franking Machine Quote or a Franking Machine Quote here.

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