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Stamps – Guide to stamps by mailcoms



Stamps have been used to deliver mail since the 1840’s, and it was claimed that James Chalmers created the first stamp, however there is no evidence to back this. Mail systems however have been running since the 1680’s when William Dockwa and Robert Murray created the London Penny Post. The concept of the stamp was first introduced to the UK in 1840, and this was used to charge people to send mail. The first ever stamp used was The Penny Black and then The Twopence Blue soon followed. Ever since stamps have changed and have been used to send mail across the UK. More recently franks have been used instead as a cheaper alternative.

A stamp, also called a postage stamp, is a small piece of paper that must be purchased in order to send mail. It is proof of your postage payment for your mail. A stamp is created using special custom made paper and to purchase one you must buy it from a postal administrator, e.g. the Post Office Ltd.

If you would like a cheaper alternative to stamps, try a franking machine to frank your mail. This is a cheaper way of sending your mail and more cost effective for your business.

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