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Smart Meter Technology – Franking Machine Feature

Smart Meter Technology - Franking Machine Feature

Many UK businesses already know the benefits of using a franking machine to frank mail. However you may not know the added benefits from switching from a standard franking machine to a smart meter enabled franking machine. This may lead you to thinking ‘Why should I use Smart Meter Technology?’

Many franking machines are now smart meter enabled as it is mandatory to use in franking machines. Some businesses are still using older franking machines that are not using smart meter technology. Using a older franking machine may be limiting the total effect of franking.

Now all franking machines in the UK should be using SMART BLUE ink if possible. Whether your company sends out as little as 10 items per day or as large as 700 items per day, there is a smart franking solution for you.

Smart Meter Technology

Smart meter technology enables ‘data capture’ so that when an item of mail is franked the machine can report back information about the service used and whether VAT is applied. This will then automatically be reported to Royal Mail and a VAT statement / invoice will be issued to you.

There are many services that are currently liable to VAT and smart meter technology allows your franking machine to access all of these services. A smart meter franking machine allows you to access these services whereas a non-smart franking machine does not.

Smart Blue Franking

By using smart meter technology you will also be franking in smart blue ink. This means that your franking impression will be produced in blue ink NOT red. Smart blue franking ink is much better to use when franking as it improves the readability of the franking impression. This can help Royal Mail process your mail faster increasing delivery speed.

What does Smart Meter Technology mean for you?

Smart Meter technology can help businesses to frank in smart blue ink and this can speed up the delivery time of your mail. This can help get all your mail delivered on time, quickly and efficiently. This technology has been around since 2011 and helps businesses more aware of what services use VAT and what services do not.

Find out more about smart meter enabled franking machines here.

If you haven’t made the switch to a smart meter franking machine then get a franking machine quote here.

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