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Neopost Mailing Systems

Neopost Ltd are a mailing system supplier and manufacturer who operate in the UK and worldwide. Over the years Neopost have manufactured many different mailing systems. Their latest range of Neopost mailing systems come with many features and benefits, including Mailmark and Smart Meter technologies.

Range of Neopost Mailing Systems

Neopost have manufactured many mailing systems and they can currently offer an exclusive range of Neopost mailing systems. Find out more about the most up to date range of Neopost mailing systems via the links below.

About Neopost Ltd

Neopost Mailing Systems

Neopost Ltd have been in business for over 90 years, ever since 1924. Neopost Limited were set up in the UK and since Neopost Ltd have been able to grow worldwide, becoming a very big mailing system manufacturer and supplier. Neopost Ltd operate in the mailing system industry, but this is just one of their many business areas.

Since Neopost Ltd setup in 1924 they have been operating in the UK. Currently their headquarters is based in Bagneux, France. Neopost’s growth has mainly occurred via key business acquisitions. As such they have taken many companies over the years to help increase their operations worldwide. This includes the various acquisitions of C.G.E. of Roneo and Hadewe, C.G.E. of Friden, Stielow and Hasler, BTA Digital Works software solutions and others.

Neopost Ltd are a worldwide mail room solutions supplier and they provide their services in many countries worldwide. This includes key operations in the UK, the USA, France, Australia, Canada and Ireland. Other than mailing systems, Neopost Ltd also operate in other business areas including folder inserters, printing solutions, incoming systems and online services.

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