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How do Franking Machines Save Money – Help By Mailcoms

How do franking machines save money?

If you currently have a franking machine or are looking to get one, then one question you may wonder is how do franking machines save money.

As you may already know, franking machines can save you time and make your business run much more efficiently, but the amount of money that can be saved by using a franking machine is one of the main reasons to own a franking machine.

Whether your business sends 20 items of mail a day, or hundreds of mail items a day, a franking machine can still save your business money. This is because you automatically qualify for Royal Mail’s lower franking discounts, meaning that up over 30% can be saved on your postage costs.


View below an example of how much money you can save when using a franking machine. Or view our 2014 Wall Poster with all of the 2014 Postage Rates on.

Postage MethodCost per standard 2nd Class letterCost of 5 letters per dayCost per yearSavings Made

Franking Savings

As you can see from this example, you can save massive amounts of money even if you send out 5 items of mail a day. By using lower franking prices, and even lower Mailmark prices, your business can save over 30% on your postage costs.

This however is not all, with an integrated weighing scale included in the franking machine, you will eliminate the risk of ever over or under paying for mail items, meaning no money will be wasted here.

If you would like to calculate your own postage savings made by your franking machine, use our very own POSTAGE SAVINGS CALCULATOR here.

If your business would like to take full advantage of these massive postage savings get a Franking Machine Quote here. If you would like to save even more money via a Mailmark franking machine, receive a Mailmark Franking Machine Quote here.

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